Traffic Alerts

In this section we will put in all of the Traffic Alerts that affect the Township of Scotch Plains and our surrounding area. Please note, that in an effort to not overburden our community with too many messages, we are only going to put out streets/roadway closures that are expected to last longer than one hour in duration. We will do our best to post areas/streets where work will be conducted in that particular area for an extended period of time (i.e.. more than a week in duration.)

Electric Bicycles and Electric Scooters

More and more electric bicycles and electric scooters are showing up on our streets. For that reason, we are posting information on the safe operation of these vehicles. Note, for the most part, depending on how fast they can go, they are to follow the same rules/laws of the roadway that pertains to regular bicycles.

The following links will give you up to date and more specific information pertaining to electric bicycles and electric scooters


and NJ Bicycle Laws:


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