SPPD General Orders and Written Directives that are Open for Public Viewing

The following link will take you to the General Orders and Written Directives of the Scotch Plains Police Department that are open to the public. We put them out for all to see in an effort to increase transparency so the public will know why our officers take the steps that they take. The Scotch Plains Police Department is an Accredited Agency, vetted by the New Jersey State Association of Chief's of Police. Being accredited means that our agency's general orders and written directives meet the strict standards of the NJSACOP. We take pride in knowing that we are offering our residents and visitors to our township the utmost professionalism in policing. We are always open to suggestions from the public and elsewhere to help us continually improve upon our relationship with the public as well as keeping 21st Century Policing up-to-date. (Please note that this site will be constantly updated as our General Orders and Written Directives continually change with the times.)


SPPD General Orders and Written Directives / Public Interest Documents/ Monthly Report:  https://www.powerdms.com/public/SPPD/tree


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