Support Services- Commander Lt. David Smith

The Support Services Division consists of the Traffic Bureau, IT/Training Bureau and Records Bureau. The Division's primary responsibilities are maintaining a comprehensive computer and records system; Accreditation; planning, research and development; recruitment and training; and Grant Writing. Due to the limited resources that most agencies of similar size confront, all Officers within the division have additional responsibilities. Mobile Data Laptops:  All of the department's patrol units are now equipped with mobile data computers. The computers provide officers in the field with vital and life saving information. Officers have the capability to determine if a vehicle and/or persons may be wanted for various crimes throughout the nation. Officers are now better prepared to handle situations having this vital information before becoming involved with potentially dangerous subjects. Officers can link to Motor Vehicle computers and determine the status of a driver's license and registration. All of these requests are returned to the patrol car in seconds. With the computers installed in patrol cars they can communicate directly to headquarters and talk "real time" to any units already in the field as well. This keeps officers on the road, thereby providing the highest level of service to the community. Officers are also to complete reports through their mobile computers and can electronically transmit them to headquarters.

  •       Lt. David Smith- (908) 322-7100 x118
  •       email address:

Traffic Bureau

  • Supervisor- Sgt. Jerald Brown (908) 322-7100 x104; email address:
  • Traffic Officer- Jason Fiore (908) 322-7100 x103; email address:

The Traffic Bureau who will assist you with information about motor vehicle accidents, impounded motor vehicles, and any other traffic related concerns that you may have.


Also members of the Traffic Bureau:

  •  Three Special Police Officers (SLEO I)
  • 14 Civilian School Crossing Guards

IT/Training Bureau

  • Supervisor- Sgt. Joseph Citarella (908) 322-7100 x140; email address:

Records Bureau 

Two Records Clerks 

  • (908) 322-7100 x105 for Andrea Azzarello; email
  • (908) 322-7100 or x106 for Lisa Kosciolek; email

The Records Bureau of the Scotch Plains Police Department can help you in getting copies of reports, good conduct letters, temporary handicapped placards and firearms applications.


The hours of the Records Bureau are:

  •             Monday to Friday 8:30am-3:45pm

If you cannot make it during these times, you can call the Records Bureau at (908) 322-7100 x105 or x106, and a copy of the report can be left at the police desk for you to pick up after hours.

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