Detective Bureau- Commander Lt. Albert Sellinger

The Detective Bureau is primarily responsible for conducting all follow up investigation of reported incidents occurring within the township limits. The Bureau is currently staffed by five Detectives assigned to handle matters relating to adult offenders, and two detectives assigned to handle matters relating to juvenile offenders. Any crimes reported, which may range anywhere from petty thefts to homicide, are reviewed by the Detective Bureau supervisor and assigned to a detective for follow up based on several solvability factors with priority given to more serious offenses. The Detective Bureau is also responsible for processing all Firearms applications, registering all Megan's Law Offenders, and keep track of all Property and Evidence that are brought into the department. To contact the Detective Bureau: call (908) 322-7001.


Members of the Detective Bureau are:

                 Name                   Badge #

Det. Lt. Albert Sellinger     108

Det. Sgt. Stanley Pearson  126

Det. Melissa Rivera             143

Det. Theodore Florio           139

JV Det. Shawn Johnson    103

JV Det./SRO Richard Hernandez 141


Members assigned to the Detective Bureau receive extensive training in several areas including but not limited to:

  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Fingerprinting & Identification
  • Photography, Interview & Interrogation,
  • Forensics and Narcotics Enforcement.

Our detectives strive to maintain a relationship with all members of the department as valuable sources of information, necessary to complete investigations. They also work closely with numerous municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies when appropriate. 


The Juvenile Bureau operates within the Detective Bureau under the direction of the Bureau supervisor and handles a wide range of responsibilities involving the young people of the community. The Juvenile Detectives receives additional specialized training in dealing with juvenile offenders. In many instances, juveniles are dealt with through available diversionary programs aimed at educating youthful offenders rather than incarcerating them. The hope is that a spirit of positive interaction among the police and our young people will help foster principles of Crime Prevention through Intervention.The Juvenile Detectives are also available to assist parents with resources relating to incorrigible children and family crisis.


Also part of the Detective Bureau are the SRO (School Resource Officer) and SLEO III (Special Law Enforcement Officer Class III) Officers who are deployed in all of the Scotch Plains Fanwood Board of Education public Schools.

  • SRO/Det. Richard Hernandez- Scotch Plains Fanwood High School
  • SLEO II- Arthur Bruschetti- Terrill Middle School (Liaison for the SLEO III program)
  • SLEO III- Henry Obiedeinski- Park Middle School
  • SLEO III- Jack Redling- Evergreen Elementary School
  • SLEO III- Dino Caminiti- Brunner Elementary School
  • SLEO III- Robert Merten Jr.- School One Elementary School
  • SLEO III- Tommy Larmore- McGinn Elementary School
  • SLEO III- Paul Belford- Coles Elementary School


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