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In this section we will post information that can be used to help keep you and your family safe. This page is used for situations that do not rise to the level of becoming an Emergency Alert, those are posted under the Patrol Division 'Emergency Alerts'. Here you will be informed about things such as wild animals, possible crime trends that may affect you or our community, etc.

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) has been confirmed in New Jersey

We gotten numerous reports in the Scotch Plains area of a disease that is killing the local deer population. The disease, EHD, is caused by a biting midge. The deer become neurologic and they also develop a very high fever and that is why you often find them near or in water when they die as they are trying to cool down. The disease is not a concern for humans or pets and is only transmitted through the midge so would not contaminate the waterways. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done but to wait for that first hard frost to kill the midges. There have been incidents of this disease since 1955, with findings roughly every three years. The Office of Fish and Wildlife did have 9 deer test positive last year in the Wallkill Wildlife Refuge. This is not something new it just happens to be an exceptionally bad year for the midge thanks to the weather patterns.


We are asking residents to report dead deer through our (NJ Fish and Wildlife) online reporting form ( as we are tracking the reports.


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