Community Alerts!

In this section we will post information that can be used to help keep you and your family safe. This page is used for situations that do not rise to the level of becoming an Emergency Alert, those are posted under the Patrol Division 'Emergency Alerts'. Here you will be informed about things such as wild animals, possible crime trends that may affect you or our community, etc.

Pass Through | Child Abductors Potentially Using Social Media or Social Networks to Lure Victims In Lieu of an In-Person Ruse | FBI

Warning Increase in Thefts from Motor Vehicles and One Stolen Vehicle

We have had several thefts from motor vehicles and one vehicle that was stolen, recently. Please take every precaution to safeguard your belongings, lock you doors and do not leave your keys in the vehicle. If you see any suspicious activities or individuals, please call the Scotch Plains Police Department, (908) 322-7100 x0 for dispatch, and let us know so we can investigate. If you have any further information or possibly any video footage that may help us, you can use the Ring Doorbell Neighborhood Alert system or call Det. Lt. Sellinger at (908) 322-7100 x117 to report it. The areas that were targeted were: Princeton Ave., New York Ave., Jersey Ave., Lyde Place, Gales Ct., and Park View Dr.

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