Halloween Safety Tips During Covid

Scotch Plains Community Policing

Birthday Drive By's!

While we are extremely happy that the Birthday Drive By's have brought so much happiness to so many of our residents, unfortunately, we are going to have to start limiting them. For Birthday Drive By's, we are asking that the following parameters be adhered to: The Birthday boy or girl is 10 years old or younger, or 95 years old or older, and that we are given at least 3 days notice prior to the planned event. We need to give our Community Policing Unit time to make up the gift bags and for our Patrol Commanders to put out notice to our officers in a timely manner. We hope that you understand.

Thank you for the drawings from our younger residents encouraging our officers!

Birthday Parades During Covid-19!

Cops & Kids Program

Members of the Scotch Plains and Fanwood Police Departments take time out of their busy day to interact with the students of the SPF BOE. This valuable program allows us to build a trusting relationship with the younger generation and let them see that police officers are people too.

PBA Local #87 Torch Run

The Scotch Plains PBA Local #87  teamed up with members of Fanwood PD to participate in the 2020 Annual Torch Run. I want to thank all of those who participated in helping such a worthy cause!

PBA Local #87

Members of the Scotch Plains PBA Local #87 are constantly doing things to assist members in the community. The picture above is the donation check for the 'Never Say Never' Foundation who were the beneficiaries of the 2019 Children's Charities Golf Outing.

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