Annual Reports for the Scotch Plains Police Department

Annual Internal Affairs Report


Internal Affairs Report for the period of:        January 1, 2019 thru December 31, 2019
The following represents the Internal Affairs Division activity for the year 2019… Total Complaints
Investigated:  33
Total Agency Originated Complaints:  23
Total Anonymous Complaints:  1
Total Citizen Complaints:  9

Of those complaints, 20 were SUSTAINED, 7 were EXONERATED, 3 were NOT SUSTAINED, and 3 were

There was no major discipline administered or called for regarding the investigations that were
found to be sustained.  The breakdown is as follows for the discipline recommended and ultimately
approved by your office…

3 Written Reprimands      20 Verbal Counseling Statements

The division also conducted 2 random drug tests in accordance with the AG Guidelines during the
months of July and November.  A total of 10 officers were tested producing negative results.
8 drug tests were also performed for new hires/transfers throughout the year, again producing
negative results.

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